New home energy efficiency initiative: Thermal imaging smartphone cameras and energy monitors for staff to loan.

by | January 12th 2024 | Case Studies

In response to the ongoing challenges posed by rising energy costs, the Trust is proud to announce a new initiative aimed at helping improve home energy efficiency through reducing building fabric heat loss and identifying high energy consuming appliances.  We are offering staff the opportunity to participate in a trial scheme where we will be loaning thermal imaging smartphone cameras together and energy monitor plugs.

Understanding the challenge

With the cost of living crisis, we recognise the impact this has on our staff’s financial well-being. In light of these challenges, The Trust has launched this initiative to empower our employees with practical tools to tackle rising energy costs.

Thermal imaging camera

The thermal imaging smartphone cameras are cutting-edge devices that can help spot heat losses around the home.  By identifying areas of high heat loss, staff can make informed such adding insulation and around windows and doors.

Energy monitor plugs

Digital energy monitor measures the amount of electricity an appliance or electronic device uses when running or when on standby. It can be used to manage and monitor your connected devices’ in real-time and calculate equipment running costs.

How can I register my interest to borrow a device?

Please email BFS Estates Helpdesk: with your contact details indicating if you have an iOS phone with a lightning port or Android phone with USB C so we can contact you when the devices are ready for collection. The devices will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


It is anticipated that this initiative will empower our staff to take proactive measures to improve the thermal performance of their homes and potentially make financial savings.

Where to collect the devices

Staff can collect the devices from the BFS Estates Helpdesk by agreeing to the loan agreement.